The Environmental Health Practitioners of Eden District Municipality are continuing preventative actions to prevent further outbreaks of Listeriosis, which comprise monitoring of retailers to ensure that no suspected products remain on shelves, ensuring safe disposal and incineration of recalled products, investigations and inspections at food premises to ensure hygienic conditions and practices at food premises and Listeriosis prevention education and awareness actions.

In addition to the Enterprise range, Tiger Brands has issued a precautionary recall of all ‘Snax’ branded products.

As the distribution partner, Clover will facilitate the customer and consumer recall process. On 19 March 2018, Clover issued the procedure to be followed in handling the Snax Product Recall, which will comprise two components – the first being the trade recall/withdrawal and the second being the consumer/shopper return component.

With regards to the shopper/consumer returns, the shopper will bring the product back to the store for a full refund, irrespective of till slip being available or not.  Clover will be responsible for the collection and uplift of all products affected by the recall – this includes both customer and consumer returns. Clover will be responsible to safely remove products from stores and will also manage the safe destruction of recalled products at a registered incinerator.


(The names of those involved in this case have been withheld for obvious reasons)
A Smutsville mother is calling on the community to confront the very real problem of child molestation in this area This after her 11-year-old son was taken by a grown man and raped, two days in a row.
The devastated mother said that the first instance happened on Thursday 1st March, when the perpetrator allegedly met her son as he was leaving school. The man instructed the boy to go with him, and when he refused, simply picked the young lad up and carried him on his shoulders, threatening to hurt him if he called out or struggled.
He took the boy to a public toilet block not too far away, where the terrible deed was done. Before letting the boy go he once again threatened his life should he tell anyone what had happened, and overcome with fear the terrified boy said nothing to anyone.
The man returned the following day and repeated the whole heinous act.
The terrible crime may have gone unreported if it hadn’t been for the boy’s grandmother, who noticed a change in his behaviour the next day whilst she was looking after him and his brother. She asked him why he was getting so angry and lashing out at his younger sibling, and kept pushing until finally the boy could not keep the terrible secret any longer.
The matter was reported to the police and medical personnel examined the boy and confirmed that he had indeed been molested. The boy did not know his attacker, but through a turn of various events (details of which cannot be reported here as they could affect the case) he was later able to positively identify the man to a police officer.
Spokesperson for SAPS, Knysna, Sergeant Chris Spies, has since confirmed that a 36-year-old male suspect was arrested and appeared in the Knysna Magistrates’ court on 14 March 2018. This suspect is still in custody awaiting a date for a formal bail application. His name cannot yet be released due to the nature of the case.
The boy is meanwhile being counseled by a social worker. Though he still has regular bouts of anger and frustration, his mother reports he is slowly showing signs of improvement.
Still visibly shaken by her son’s horrific ordeal, she is understandably heartbroken but says that this is certainly not an isolated case of molestation and abuse in the local area. She believes that it is time to break the silence over these sorts of social issues in the community.
“People aren’t speaking out enough about this sort of crime,” she says, “It is happening, but they are quiet about it.”
Her desperate request is for community leaders to lead the community in taking action against these terrible crimes. She asks that everyone watches what is going on on the streets.
“If you see someone walking with a child who you know does not belong to them, ask questions. Speak to the child’s parents,” she pleads.
Children should be advised that they may report such cases to a health worker, the local clinic or the local police station. They may also contact the toll free number for childline 0800 05 55 55.


On Friday morning the excitement at Laerskool Sedgefield Primary was palpable as the entire school witnessed a young boy’s dream becoming a reality.
Whilst there’s surely many a lad who would give a year’s pocket money to fly aboard an Air Force chopper – it’s doubtful there are many as passionate about the idea as 9-year-old Liam du Preez. And judging by the size of his smile as he and his classmates boarded the SAAF Oryx Helicopter and took to the skies, the experience was even better than he anticipated.
One could say that helicopters, the Oryx in particular, are in Liam’s blood. His Grandfather Russell du Preez was an Oryx flight engineer who passed away as a result of a helicopter accident in China, four years before Liam was born, and his uncle Mark is also qualified as an Oryx flight engineer, who now flies smaller choppers for the Red Cross Air Mercy Service in Durban.
Single parent Yolande, says that even though Liam grew up pretty much without a father figure, he was ALWAYS besotted by helicopters. So when Oryxes carrying Bambi buckets joined the fight against the Knysna blazes in June last year, he spent a great deal of time on their stoep watching them fly over and waving at the crew on board.
“Then he drew a picture and asked if I could send it to them along with a letter he had written,” said Yolande, “He said he wanted to thank them and tell them they were true heroes.”
She managed to contact Major Nico van Schalkwyk who had been in charge of the aerial firefighting effort – specifically the Oryx choppers, and he kindly invited Liam to meet the Knysna crew and personally hand over his letter to them. Much to the young lad’s delight they took Liam on board a helicopter and explained to him how the water scooping ‘Bambi’ buckets worked.
But it didn’t end there. The Major was so impressed with the well mannered Liam’s eagerness to learn, that he forwarded both letter and sketch to General Etienne de Bod of the South African Air Force (SAAF) in Pretoria.
In turn, the General then contacted the family saying he wished to come with an Oryx chopper and crew to meet the boy at school.
Yolande wasted no time in making arrangements with the school to make the visit a reality. “It was a long wait before it happened – but worth every second,” she told us when the day finally arrived.
The whole school assembled on the field, along with Mayor Eleanore Bouw-Spies, parents and inquisitive locals, to watch the Oryx land and witness a very proud Liam being presented with an SAAF flying cap. Then, after a detailed safety lecture, he and his class were split into groups of eight and taken up for a ride of their lives. This certainly was a dream come true.
“We are extremely grateful and happy that the Air Force and everyone else involved could make this happen for my son and his classmates,” said a very emotional Yolande, “No words can express how much this meant to me and my son.”
There’s no doubt that the SAAF will be getting a few new recruits from Sedgefield in a few years’ time, and one, in particular, will have the honour of continuing the Flight Engineer tradition for the du Preez family.


The Municipal Health Services Section of Eden District Municipality (Eden DM) has a statutory obligation in terms of the National Health Act (61 of 2003) and the Foodstuffs, Cosmetic and Disinfectant Act, (Act 54 of 1972) to monitor and ensure safe food to communities, which include the storage and disposal of condemned foodstuffs.

The Eden DM has assisted with the recall of the indicated products after the source of Listeriosis outbreak had been identified by National Government.

Eden DM’s objective is to ensure that the following products are removed and not enter the food chain of our people of our District:

  • Enterprise polony
  • Enterprise smoked Russians
  • Enterprise Frankfurters
  • Rainbow Chicken viennas

The National Department of Health has released a cautionary notice indicating that persons at risk of Listeriosis should not consume these products from indicated Enterprise and Rainbow chicken processing plants. All shops have been requested to withdraw Enterprise® and Rainbow® products and consumers must return these products to retailers.

Smaller shops such as general dealers, house shops, mobile and spaza shops that are generally more difficult to reach, are the focus areas where urgent interventions are needed. Many wholesalers do communicate their customers via electronic media and we have seen a positive response in this regard.

Currently, environmental health practitioners are doing comprehensive inspections and investigations at formal and informal food premises and are requesting or instructing the managers in charge of food premises to remove all products from shelves, which have been listed to be recalled.

All contaminated products have to be handled safely, detained, sealed and stored for collection and removal.  They also have to be disposed of by the distributor at an approved waste facility not accessible to the public.  The only approved waste facility in Eden District Municipality’s area of jurisdiction is the Optimum Waste Incineration Plant in George

Environmental health practitioners are conducting awareness and education sessions at the formal and informal food premises, which also include crèches, schools and old age homes.

People who are extremely vulnerable and at risk are: Pregnant woman, the elderly and persons with underlying conditions such as diabetes, cancer, chronic liver or kidney disease, persons with weakened immune systems due to HIV and chemotherapy.

Proper hygienic cleaning and disinfection, (e.g. using bleach) of preparation services, separation of raw and prepared food and safe storage of foodstuff are communicated to all identified target groups within respective communities and the business sector.


Yes, this Saturday Sedgefield will once again be ‘over-run’ by athletes from all over the country as they descend on the village to take part in the 2018 Tortoise Tuff. Thanks to kind sponsorship from Knysna Municipality, Sedgefield Pick’nPay and Total Sedgefield, there’s no doubt that ALL the participants will once again give this popular event the ‘thumbs up’.

If you haven’t entered any of the races yet (there’s a 30km road run, a 21km trail run, a 10km road run / walk and a fun run) then be sure to head down to the school on Friday between from 17h00 to 19h00. (See back page for full details)


A release from Knysna Tourism.

We are pleased to inform you that the status of Knysna with regards to water restrictions as indicated on the Western Cape map, which appears on the Western Cape Water Wise Tourism website, has been changed from “Severe Water Restrictions” to “Moderate Water Restrictions” at the request of Knysna Tourism.

This more accurately reflects the situation in Greater Knysna where Level 3 water restrictions are in place to ensure the security of water for all users.

At the same time, we would like to remind all our residents and visitors, that Knysna is a water-scarce town so it is vital for everyone to be water wise.

While we are not as severely affected by the drought as other parts of the Western Cape, we should continue to encourage residents and visitors to be conscious of our limited water resources.

We must also ensure that the current situation does not negatively impact tourism and continue to encourage business and leisure travellers to visit the area. We must ensure that tourists continue to visit our region and that events and conferences go ahead.

As James Vos MP, Shadow Minister of Tourism says: “Right now, tourism is one of the best performing sectors in our country’s economy. We have a strong competitive advantage in tourism with global growth in outbound tourism and our favourable exchange rate, presenting us with a magnificent window of opportunity.

“In particular, the Western Cape in is one of the world’s leading tourism destinations. This is as a result of a focused approach to growing tourism through facilitating a flow of private sector investment in the hospitality sector. Here again, the figures provided reveal that tourism supports more than 300,000 jobs and contributes about R40 billion to the provincial economy.”


Just when we thought Sedgefield couldn’t possibly produce another superstar, someone else steps in to soak up the limelight.

This time it is Pelican Lodge owner Ian Perryman who has literally ‘stolen the show’ by starring in, and indeed winning, the first program in the newly relaunched series of BBC’s hit reality show Come Dine With Me SA.

Come Dine With Me is an exceptionally popular and high-ranking show, which takes viewers into the homes of four contestants on four consecutive nights, each being given the chance to wine, dine and entertain the other three. At the end of each evening the three guests get to secretly judge the meal and give their host a score out of ten.

Whilst many locals knew Ian Perryman had made the cut to be in the show, and thus gathered round their TV sets to watch on 15 February, the fact that he had won was a very well kept secret that even his nearest and dearest were unaware of.

It all started back in July last year, when the guest lodge owner’s good friend Kathy de Wet discovered that BBC were planning to relaunch the famous Come Dine With Me in South Africa, and that the producers were inviting people to audition. Being an avid fan of the series, and knowing of his stage presence in local dramas, she immediately called Perryman and suggested he try out.
“I said ‘No ways, you must be CRAZY!’” he later told us.

But she kept on at him and eventually he reluctantly agreed to take the first step, as long as she handled all the paperwork.
“If I get in, I get in.” he said.

But as soon as she started filling in the forms, she had to call him – there were some very strange questions.

When it was finally complete, they submitted his online application on 1 August, and Perryman was quite surprised to receive a phone call from the show producers two days later, telling him that he had made it past the first cut and asking if they could do a telephonic interview?
“I told them I was actually having lunch with friends in Franschhoek at the time, so they should call back on Monday, which they did,” Perryman laughed.

The telephone interview went well and two weeks later the producers called him again to say he was through to the next cut, and asking if they could set up a screen test for both him and his home.
As everything was to be filmed at his ‘Second Home’ in Pretoria on 21 August, Perryman flew up to meet with the production team, and once again, all went swimmingly.
“That’s when I put across the concept of appearing as an ‘alternative persona’ – either Lady Scarlet or Miriam Makeba,” he said. His screen test and details of his idea were sent over to UK where everything was ‘vetted’ by the BBC, and at the beginning of September he received another call “Well done – you’re on the show, and you will be cooking on 7 October!” By this time he had certainly picked up on the excitement of being on TV.

Perryman explained that the filming of each episode takes five days, which includes the ‘profiling’ of the four contestants ie – who they are and what they are about. Each gets a full day in the hands of one camera crew as he or she prepares the meal and gets dressed up for the occasion. Then a second crew arrives to film the arrival and subsequent entertainment of the other three guests, which includes, of course, numerous quirky comments, a bit of behind the back criticism, and anything else that makes for good viewing.

“Every part of the show that is shot is directed,” Perryman said, going on to explain how they weren’t allowed to discuss anything ‘off camera’. Though nothing the contestants said was falsified, the crew definitely steered the round table conversations, with pre-set questions and suggestions as to who asked what of who: “Nonnie, ask Carmi about her pole-dancing”.

They would also regularly pull each person off to the side to ask what he or she thought of the meal or the other contestants, once again asking leading questions in an effort to get interesting, if not a little scandalous sound bytes.

On Perryman’s night of entertainment, he suggested that guests should arrive dressed up as their ‘alternative persona’, and of course his outrageously extravagant ‘ Lady Scarlet’ outfit did more than set the tone for the evening.

And Lady Scarlet’s meal more than assured she would be the ‘Hostess with the Mostest’. A beetroot potage starter served with parmesan croutons, followed by a main course of stuffed baby poussin with a side of baby vegetables, and a red velvet trifle dessert, scored a delicious 22 out of 30. This put ‘her’ a single point ahead of runner-up Nonhlanhla Ntwasa, the next evening’s hostess, and Perryman/Scarlet were declared the winner of the R10 000 prize.

Perryman, who has been a Sedge resident for 13 years, said he absolutely loved this opportunity to enjoy “15 minutes of fame”, and his only regret was that the editors cut out any reference he made to Sedgefield. When the show was broadcast for the first time he invited a huge crowd of family, friends (and, dare I say, fans?) to Pelican Lodge to watch with him, and was overjoyed that everyone could share the experience in a light-hearted and uplifting evening.


The body of the Bryde’s whale that washed up onto the beach last Friday (09th February 2018) was buried today in Kleinkranz, Wilderness.

It is believed that the adult male whale died out at sea, the cause of death probably being old age as there were no visible injuries anywhere on its body. SANParks took the decision to bury the carcass subsequent to a recent stakeholder planning workshop on Marine Mammals held last week. Marine Ranger for Wilderness, Jonathan Britton explains the complexity of the disposal of a dead whale that has beached so close to a residential area.”Normally we would prefer to leave it to decompose naturally, as the carcass of a whale can provide important nutrients to micro-invertebrates and birds,” he said, “But its close proximity to a residential area makes the whale a bit of a ‘public nuisance’ – mainly because of the smell. Towing it out to sea was also not an option as the floating carcass would be a hazard to boats and ships.  Thus we made the decision to bury the whale on the dune behind the high water line where it can decompose without seepage of rotting flesh into the sea attracting predators such as sharks.”

Britton and Carel van der Merwe, another Marine Ranger for Wilderness, were on the scene to oversee the burying process.Also known as the Tropical Whale or Eden’s Whale, the Bryde’s Whale resembles a number of other whale species’ outward appearance, which often leads to misidentification. They reach a length of between 11.5 and 14.5 m and can weigh between 12 and 20 tons. What makes this whale identifiable to those with a keen eye is the three ridges that run longitudinally and parallel to one another along the top of the whale’s head. These are at the same level as the two blowholes. Because it is a baleen whale, the Bryde’s Whale needs to expand its mouth when swallowing large amounts of water. For this, it has grooves along the lower jaw, which allow it to concertina open and closed more effectively.  This whale is dark grey or black, with white markings on its throat and chin.



The quick action of two lifeguards, on holiday in Sedgefield from the Channel Islands, saved the life of a 29-year-old man. The man must surely have had a guardian angel watching over him – because there was not only ‘passers-by’ to raise the alarm AND two visiting life-guards coincidentally on the scene, but other medical personnel who also just happened to be in the vicinity.

Garth Dominy, NSRI Wilderness Duty Controller, reported that at 19h29, Monday, 29th January, NSRI Wilderness duty crew were activated following eye-witness reports of a drowning in progress in the surf off Myoli Beach, in front of Pili Pili Restaurant, Sedgefield.

Angelika Freiwald and daughter Kirsten had been walking along the beachfront, when they saw a man in trouble in the surf, seemingly being swept out to sea by strong rip currents. Dillon, a young lad who had been swimming with the man, was on the beach screaming for help.
The women ran into the restaurant to raise the alarm. and the two young visiting lifeguards, Finlay Whitmore and Ben Ralph, rushed down to the beach and into the surf to his aid.
Meanwhile another bystander had taken the NSRI’s Pink Rescue Flotation Buoy to the water’s edge, but by that stage the two UK lifeguards had already hauled the casualty, a 29-year-old Johannesburg resident Mtupuzi Thakatha onto the sand.

When NSRI’s Warren Page and Conrad Potgieter arrived on the scene they found the exhausted Thakatha on the beach in the care of the two British lifeguards. They quickly fetched the medical jump bag and oxygen from the NSRI Wilderness auxiliary station container in Sedgefield. At that time Ryan Childs, a blind BAA medic from Cape Town who had been on the beach with family members, offered his assistance, and between them they commenced medical treatment for non-fatal drowning symptoms.

Then another bystander arrived to assist:- Dr. Sheryl Rajpaul, a young recently qualified medical doctor who had been eating dinner at the Restaurant at the time. Between the doctor, Childs the BAA medic, the two NSRI crew members and the two British lifeguards, the patient was in good hands and was soon stabilised.

When ambulance services and the Fire and Rescue team arrived Thakatha was further assessed, but by that stage he was feeling much better and declined transportation to the hospital. He was strongly advised to see a doctor as a precaution for secondary drowning.

NSRI commended the ladies who raised the alarm, the two lifeguards, the Cape Town ambulance medic and Dr. Sheryl Rajpaul for the selfless assistance given.

Picture by Kirsten Freiwald: Angelika Freiwald (in peach shirt) flanked by the two UK lifeguards Finlay Whitmore and Ben Ralph, with the recovered Mtupuzi Thakatha standing to the right and a relieved young Dillon, in front. 


Sedgefield is pulling out all the stops to give Miss Universe, our very own Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, a fantastic home-coming welcome this coming Sunday. Members of the public are all encouraged to line the streets to pay tribute to this young Sedgefield lady who has made the entire South African nation so proud.

Demi will be honoured with a street parade through Sedgefield by the people who have supported her through her incredible journey to the Miss Universe crown. The ‘Home- coming’ is an important part of the Miss Universe calendar, and is certainly seen as an international event that will no doubt be screened worldwide.

A large contingent of media is expected, so it will be another opportunity to show the world how very special Sedgefield is.
“Let’s give Demi-Leigh a rousing welcome home,” says Tourism’s Belinda Hobson, who has been on the organising committee.

Sources say that there will be a strong emphasis on security for Demi-Leigh, her parents, grandparents and the Miss Universe entourage accompanying her in the luxury vehicles generously provided by Audi. Numerous VIPs and dignitaries will be participating in the parade, including the mayors of Greater Knysna and George, who will be there to make the welcome official.

The parade will start at 3pm on the Sedgefield Primary School sportsfield on Parakiet Rd and continue down the Main Service Road which runs parallel to the N2, all the way to Vink Avenue where it will turn left and loop back via Flamingo Avenue and Kingfisher Drive to the Main Service Road and back to the field.

As well as Miss Universe and her family there will be floats, dancers, bands, local schoolchildren, bikers, the Knysna Fire Department and Working with Fire, local NGOs, Sedgefield Animal Matters, and Knysna Tourism all participating to ensure a festive, carnival atmosphere.

Once back at the school field, (where she spent a lot of time playing when she was young schoolgirl) Demi-Leigh will take a moment to talk to the crowds and hand out autographed pictures, before being whisked off to her next official function.

Entertainment after the parade will be provided by singer Shaza Greeff, the Smutsville Brass Band, and the Smutsville Church choir as well as two djs. There will be food and refreshment stalls from 3pm.